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Goals & Objectives

Expected Outcomes



Socio Legal Aid Research & Training Centre supports 85 senior citizens.

Elderly people in our country are not provided with Social Security and sending them to old-people's homes only serves to isolate them from mainstream life and family.

The economic conditions of these senior citizens are so dismal that they are unable to maintain their basic necessities. Many of their sons and daughters, despite being able to scrounge up a minimal living for themselves and their children, are not able to support or provide maintenance for their aged parents.

Through the Adopt-a-Granny Programme, SLARTC is able to provide senior citizens with the following food nutrition and personal hygiene items:

Clothing items and shawls

Wooden cots

Bedding (including blankets)

House repair for elderly people

Rice, cereals, biscuits, sugar, salt, cooking oil, hair oil, soap (both for bathing and washing clothes/dishes), toothpaste, etc.

Weekly medical checkups and medicines are provided free to any senior citizen

Goals & Objectives

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To help the economically backward senior citizen to lead a full and decent life with dignity and respect and to ensure that their last days are secure from homelessness and destitution.

Expected Outcomes

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The senior citizens are able to live within the family circle and with the community where they belong.

By receiving the daily necessities (rice, cereals, etc.) they are able to maintain a minimum health standard and nutrition.

They get the health coverage which is required by senior citizens on a regular basis.

They are able to meet, mingle and each share each other's joys and sorrows.

You can Adopt a Granny

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You can adopt your very own granny(s) and ensure that they spend the remainder of their lives in a dignified manner and one befitting a senior citizen - replete with the basic necessities and amenities of life.

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