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Library Resources, Publications, NewsFile

SLARTC houses an extensive tri-lingual library (English, Hindi, and Bengali), that is heavily used by lawyers, researchers and social activist. Receiving more than 25 journals on a regular basis, the library features the most current information on socio-legal issues. 

In addition to research and case studies SLARTC publishes a large number of articles and books on a variety of issues. With a total number of publications of approximately 300, SLARTC has been identified as a source for information of the most pertinent issues facing both India and the global community. The range of issues attests to the broad areas of concentrations that SLARTC is active in.


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The media is an instrumental part of bringing the most pressing and horrific issues of our times to light. Through accurate reporting, not only the public, but policy makers, activist and others are kept abreast of the continuing legal and social struggle for human rights. 

Along with its independent research projects and publications, SLARTC also produces The NewsFile, a compilation of news reports on sex trade issues from around India and the world. The NewsFile provides a consolidated source for activist, researcher, lawyers or anyone who needs to stay abreast of current developments.

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