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Nearly 40% of the child labourers in India do not receive education, while many that do attend school will drop out due to economic family pressures. These children become the backbone of the child labour system.

In response to the needs of these children, SLARTC established Non-Formal Education Centres (NFE's) in 5 districts of West Bengal. With 25 centres in operation the objectives of these facilities are to combat illiteracy through the teaching of reading and writing skills while also providing a safe environment for children to interact with one another and simply be children.

SLARTC has found the NFE's to be instrumental in providing opportunities to those traditionally denied such possibilities. The success of the NFE's are seen in that they provide a means to help break the perpetual cycle of poverty by providing tangible practical and social developmental skills.

SLARTC is currently seeking adequate funding to increase the number of such centers throughout not only West Bengal, but also its neighboring states as well. 


Child Trafficking