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In 1982 SLARTC was created as a non-profit organization with the basic objective of providing legal aid and assistance to socio-economically disadvantage people in distress. 

Since its inception SLARTC has been one of India's strongest and most vocal advocates for human rights. Based in Kolkata, India, SLARTC is active in the Eastern and North Eastern parts of India in addition to Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. 

From providing legal aid to the poor, to advancing awareness building programs in the areas of women's rights and the prevention of child labor and sexual exploitations, to HIV/AIDS care and protection issues, SLARTC has become a preeminent force in the area of human rights in South Asia. 

Particular attention is given to the areas of child labor, prostitution and trafficking, which captures staggering numbers of children. India reportedly has the world's largest concentration of child prostitutes, accounting for one in every four of the global number. SLARTC has responded by being an instrumental catalyst for legal change, awareness and representation of victims. 

SLARTC takes up cases in the courts of law on different human rights violations and makes representation to appropriate authorities for redress of grievances. SLARTC is supported by volunteers of nearly 200 lawyers from various legal areas that willingly offer their services on a pro bono basis. Legal services are provided free of cost for those who need it. 

In light of the challenges facing not only India, but the global community, SLARTC focuses extensively in the area of socio-legal education. SLARTC has organized Socio-Legal Training Courses for grassroots level social workers, and also Women's Development Courses for women social workers associated with voluntary organizations.

SLARTC organizes educational programs with human rights lawyers, and INGO's like UNICEF, UNHCR, ILO, SCF and government officials. SLARTC's educational programs are regularly attended by leading practitioners from many countries throughout Asia.

SLARTC maintains an impressive research and documentation data base on socio-legal issues that is used extensively by its practicing lawyers and staff. SLARTC also publishes a variety of reports, research and case studies (most recently The Report of Child Labour in West Bengal/ Spring, 2003), that are regularly quoted and used as references by both the media and the judicial courts. 

SLARTC is committed in its quest to provide policy makers, the media, and the general public with the most accurate and timely figures. As the issues of child labour, sexual slavery and exploitation threatens more and more women and children, SLARTC has established itself at the forefront of the fight for social justice within India and its neighboring states.

Employing a staff of visionaries, and supported by scores of committed volunteers, SLARTC will continue to provide legal representation for exploited victims.

SLARTC will also continue to fight for stronger legislation to protect the human rights of women and children, and to be an ongoing educational resource for grassroots leaders, public policy decision makers and administrators.


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