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Your Donations and Support

As a not-for-profit organization SLARTC relies solely on donations and support from outside sources. The continued assistance of organizations, individuals, charitable trust and governments throughout the globe are critical in allowing SLARTC to maintain its position at the forefront of the fight for human rights.

Escalating cost however, has made it increasing difficult for SLARTC to meet its objectives. Soaring legal cost hamper the ability to handle as many cases as could be taken. The cost of legal research has increased dramatically and SLARTC finds itself significantly disadvantaged in its ability to utilize electronic sources. Many of our legal adversaries are considerably advantaged in simply having better, more modern facilities.

SLARTC strongly encourages donations, which may be remitted directly to our facility or through our bank. 

Support-a-Child Program

The Support-a-Child Program grew from SLARTC's earlier outreach efforts and has become a nationally recognized program benefiting of the neediest of children. The Support-a-Child program was established to help provide the basic amenities of life, i.e., education, health, nutrition, clothing, etc.

The children supported are:

When you sponsor a child through The Support-a-Child program you help to change a child's life. Through your support, you intervene and positively impact into a childhood limited by poverty, illiteracy and the basic necessities of life. 

Your sponsorship allows a child to learn to read and write and to receive basic healthcare and clothing. Above all your support provides hope, where none existed before.

When you sponsor a child you will receive a picture and a progress report at least once a year, or quarterly by e-mail, and it has become common for a relationship to develop between the child and their sponsor.

Click here to become a sponsor and help change a life. 



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Email: slartc@cal.vsnl.net.in
Telefax: 91-33-2466 5659
Tel: 91-33-2464 6098 / 5430

Overseas donations may be submitted directly to:
S.B. Account No 2032
Indian Bank, Alipore Road Branch
22/1 Alipore Road, Calcutta - 700 027, India

Domestic donations may be submitted directly to:
S.B. Account No 3024
Indian Bank, Alipore Road Branch
22/1 Alipore Road, Calcutta - 700 027, India

Note: All donations to Socio Legal Aid Research & Training Centre are exempt from tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. SLARTC is eligible to receive contributions in foreign currency under the Foreign Currency Regulation Act.

SLARTC suggest that individuals contact their accountants for possible tax benefits and proper filings.

Child Support Form

I would like to support a child / children selected by SLARTC.

I agree to donate a minimum of Rs 500 per month for the education and other support of a child and to remit the amount quarterly / annually to SLARTC's bankers directly, with an intimation to SLARTC

Fill out our Child Support Form